Utlize Fashion to End Human Trafficking

Dressember is a global movement utilizing fashion and creativity to combat human trafficking from every angle. Since 2013, we've raised over $13MM to fight human trafficking around the world.

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Utlize Fashion to End Human Trafficking

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Every December we host a style challenge where men and women wear a dress or tie for 31 days. Advocates fundraise through the month of December, and since 2013, over 32,000 people have participated raising over $13MM to fight human trafficking around the world. 

We are looking for one presenting sponsor for the 2021 Dressember campaign. By linking arms with Dressember, you can contribute to the fight against human trafficking and align with Dressember's mission and vision. 

Impact Goal

We approach human trafficking as an intersectional human rights issue recognizing that there are multiple overlapping forms of systemic oppression involved. To do this, we created the Dressember Network, which is comprised of over a dozen different organizations supporting programs in the following areas: advocacy, prevention, intervention, and survivor empowerment. When you support Dressember, you help dismantle trafficking holistically and in a way that prioritizes survivor needs and voices. A few ways your gift may be used include: Scholarships for survivors of trafficking ($100,000 can provide roughly 30 scholarships!). Safe homes for survivors of OSEC (online sexual exploitation of children). Education costs to create schools in rural areas to prevent child trafficking.



When considering partner alignment, we seek partners that are helping make the world a better place -- however that might look for you! Dressember is about doing what you can, from where you can and making your commitment to doing good unique to you. Companies and businesses that have a target market of females aged 18-44 will benefit most from aligning with Dressember in this way. People come to Dressember to find their place in the fight against trafficking, embark on a journey to being a more conscious consumers, and learn of likeminded companies and organizations aligned with Dressember.


We average ~5-6,000 advocates (fundraisers) and ~40,000 donors annually -- that's a lot of eyes on our website! Here's a look into our 2020 website analytics: Users: 298,282, Sessions: 382,018, Pageviews: 535,698. Our audience is made up of 94% Female Ages 18-44 from 52+ countries with top engagement from U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia. Rather than using a crowdsourcing platform to fundraise, we use our own website, which means we can customize the page (dressember.org/fundraise) with your branding!

Depending on your goals as a partner, there's ample opportunity to collaborate on a social media / marketing campaign (Instagram: 45.5k followers), blog (97,318 blog views) and an event. The Dressember community is invested and engaged, especially during our peak season from November - January. By aligning with Dressember during these months to sponsor the campaign, there will be hundreds of thousands of eyes on your brand. Benefits we can offer include your brand on our campaign website, materials, and marketing. To highlight our partnership, we'd love to interview someone from your team on why you chose to align with Dressember. We would conduct this interview via our blog (dressember.org/blog) to share with our community all of the good YOU are doing.

Lastly, Dressember is a great opportunity to engage employees in giving back all month long. We provide resources for employee engagement and workplace giving.



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